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Global Video Game Play, Health and Well-being Study

A lot of people are concerned about their gaming habits. Are you one of them?

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Our studies so far had beeen broken down into infographic below:

Video Game Studies Infography

My Name is…

Dan Loton and I’m a researcher at Victoria College in Melbourne, Australia. I’m at the moment completing my PhD in Psychology, interested in health in game playing and hacking. This site serves information in regards to the PhD study.

Brief Intro About the Study

Early studies has suggested that excessive gaming habit often leads to negative relationship in physical, social and mental health. With the rising of gaming culture in this era, it has become almost impossible to ignore the influence that it brings to our live, especially our health. Despite that, there has only been a few studies investigating the link between health and gaming, especially over this period of time. If gaming addiction has evidently shown to have significant effect on our live, we should take the necessary action to counteract the problem. This is one of the main reason I choose to research for my PhD.

What’s the study?

This study is conducted globally and measures the link between gaming and the health state (mental, social as well as physical) across major life domain each moth. The experiment includes two variables, namely life satisfaction and stressful events. Our participants will be asked about their major life domains include work, study, parenting and love life along with their health states. The goal of this study is to decide whether these factors has any connection with gaming and addiction in playing games.

What are the involvement?

Our participant will be involving in answering our short survey every month continually over a few months. The surveys doesn’t take really long with the exception of the initial survey which takes about twenty mins. All the rest of the survey only takes about less than 10 minutes and feels a bit like gaming plus health diary. Email follow-up will be sent to participant monthly by us to inform that the next survey is up and ready to be answered. The game we focus can differ from time to time, we have chosen game such as Blitz Brigade due to it’s popularity at the time the study is conducted.

In the past, we have offered monetary compensation (total of $500) for winners using random draws. The prize draws had now been closed however our study still open for new participants. As we have mentioned, this study is for the benefit of science and the advancement of mankind.

Apart from the surveys, we have also interviewed an indie developer, Playberries, to developed a hack for a game called Blitz Brigade. It’s a mobile game for both iOS and Android, with similar theme and style to the well received Team Fortress 2 game developed by Valve.

The tool is used to evaluate 2 control groups of gamer with one group provided with the Blitz Brigade hack  and the other without. And throughout the course of the study, the group with the hack tool is more less susceptible to getting addicted with Blitz Brigade. Perhaps players could achieve more satisfaction and reach their desire goal faster. Even so, we do not condone or imply any positive or negative opinions upon the usage of hack tool.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank for helping us with the hack with this experiment that we call cheat. Since we have no understanding in the Cydia, or any modded or hacked apk and deb,  you can visit their official site for more information. Alternatively you can support their game at

Interested to take part?

You can take part in the study by following this link and of course you need to be 18 years old and above.


For those who have been distressing in their gaming habits, we have a ‘seeking help‘ page which offers the direction on how to seek mental health professional services.

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